Turning technology into a rich customer engagement platform (SLA Digital)

The Challenge

A mobile application provider had a series of innovative technologies and struggled to convey a clean, user friendly message

Our Solution

  • Developed a customer engagement framework, based on existing technical assets and future roadmap
  • Pioneered Direct Carrier Billing, social media integration and customer analytics into client’s mobile app strategy
  • Crafted and supported pitches to client telco targets

The Impact

A fresh customer engagement framework help open doors with new prospects

Clear sales messaging and go-to-market strategy help build sales funnel (Digitalk)

A technically expert team struggled to get a clear message across and focus its roadmap to support customer needs

Developed a product roadmap based on extensive competitive benchmarking.

Created impactful go-to-market themes around loyalty, enterprise solutions, payments, social media integration, full MVNO set up, BSS as a service etc

Identified and qualified a global target lead list

Simplified the sales messaging, created a practical product roadmap and boosted the sales funnel.

From device manufacturer to ‘as-a-service’ customer engagement platform (STK)

A device manufacturer wanted to secure investment and define its market position with a proprietary device management and loyalty software

Established customer trends for loyalty and hardware

Developed an innovative proposition combining core manufacturing assets with new software capabilities

Identified potential investors from our network and beyond

Crafted an engaging investor pitch

A new market device management and customer engagement software was pioneered. This in turn lead to investment being secured.

Strategy refresh led to a boost in valuation of a global BSS platform (Tecnotree)

A global BSS provider experiencing financial difficulties needed to revamp its strategy to future-proof their services portfolio, identify opportunities in new markets, and boost its valuation

Analysed the global addressable market and developed an attack plan

Benchmarked key competitors and adjacent innovators, identifying go-to-market themes for target segments

Built on client’s heritage & developed a ground-breaking new vision

Transformation from BSS to a CRM focused business

8x share price increase (market cap to $400m) within the first 12 months of new strategy being implemented

Pivoted a BSS platform to a global IoT player (Teleena)

A European MVNE/ BSS provider wanted to overhaul its technical and sales capabilities to target new global markets, primarily emerging IoT

Deployed an interim team covering CCO, sales, operations and wholesale

Designed the wholesale strategy and negotiated airtime agreements with multiple international providers

Developed a new IoT strategy, redefining sales approach

Boosted the global sales funnel, winning numerous strategic accounts across USA, Europe and APAC

Developed a compelling information memorandum for investment

Won several high profile deals. Secured 35% investment and later full acquisition by Tata (now branded Tata Move)

Developed a millennial sub-brand strategy for American mobile operator (Verizon)

Verizon wanted to target the millennial segment with a fresh and innovative sub-brand

Conducted sub-brand and MVNO market landscape and benchmarking study

Performed a needs analysis for the millennial segment

Developed a loyalty concept integrated with social media

Developed a flexible wholesale platform architecture for sub-brands and MVNOs

An innovative new sub-brand and platform concept for the USA market

Acquisition expands IoT platform across the value chain into connectivity and value added services (Wireless Logic)

An IoT platform provider wanted to expand its technical capability to offer greater call control and flexible pricing. This was to be achieved by a sales enablement and M&A strategy

Developed a Full-MVNO concept through core network infrastructure and MNO wholesale negotiations

Identified acquisition opportunities and performed due diligence

Devised a global airtime wholesale strategy, rationalised agreements and negotiated exceptional deals

Developed a sales enablement toolkit to target key verticals

A Full-MVNO model was launched with exceptional airtime agreements.  A number of acquisitions were made and the company achieved a huge valuation uplift to over £1bn.