Market Intelligence

We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide our clients with actionable intelligence to enable informed strategic decisions.

With companies in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry facing change at an exponential rate, traditional players and newcomers alike are under constant pressure to deliver new services and provide new technologies. We help our clients keep track of key trends to stay one step ahead of the competition, enter new markets successfully, stay compliant with regulatory changes and be at the forefront of new technologies. We are able to leverage our industry knowledge and superior research capabilities to provide our clients with real, actionable market intelligence and enable informed strategic decisions.

We have a highly systematic and comprehensive approach to research, drawing on our extensive contact database of industry leaders for primary research and IP from a wealth of reports and projects, with our goal being to respond to our clients’ needs for every project with a customised and targeted approach. A key differentiator between us and other research providers is our hands-on experience in the industry, which means we understand the industry closely and know what metrics actually matter.

Our areas of expertise are not limited to traditional TMT players (e.g., telcos, fixed service providers or MVNOs), but extend to market disruptors and newcomers, including IoT players, satellite connectivity providers, software and hardware providers, and service deliver platforms (BSS/OSS).

We also have unparalleled MVNO and operator sub-brand knowledge, with an unrivalled database of KPIs specifics to these companies. We provide up to date metrics and insights on the entire MVNX ecosystem (MVNOs, MNOs, MVNEs, MVNAs) and any mobile innovator on networks (MIONs). You can learn about the number of MVNOs and sub-brands in specific countries or regions, what network they’re on, technologies used, subscriber numbers and more. This is used to great effect for M&A activity, new market entry, proposition development and negotiations.

How can we help?

We help our clients develop winning strategies through in-depth market, competitor, and customer insights, which include:

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Forecasting
  • Market sizing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Primary research
  • Thought leadership development
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Technology and service benchmarking
  • Regulatory environment overview

Strategy Consulting

Backed by over 30 years of combined hands-on-experience, our strategy consulting services are grounded in reality and backed by rigorous market intelligence.

RDC provides rigorous strategy consulting services perfected over 30 years of hands-on expertise in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) industry. Our direct experience in the industry and professional services sets up apart and allows us to provide our customers with unparalleled insights.

Our work is all about solving problems, realising opportunities, out-of-the-box thinking backed by our rigorous research methodologies and intelligence.

We serve all companies in the TMT landscape with a tailored approach to respond to each client’s individual needs:

  • Operators
  • MVNOs
  • IoT players
  • Media players
  • Regulators
  • OEMs
  • OTTs
  • OSS/BSS Platforms
  • Satellite service providers

This includes, developing pragmatic strategies to create new revenue streams and evolve existing ones; driving favourable shareholder returns through investment in new technologies and the launch of new products and services; entering into new geographies and segments through licence acquisitions and company mergers and acquisitions; and optimisation and divestment of non-core assets to drive higher scale and valuation upsides.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

We provide commercial and technical M&A services owing to our specialist expertise, tapping into our extensive contact base and deep technology understanding.

Over recent years, we have been direct witnesses to the acceleration of Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) opportunities in the TMT sector, as companies compete with each other to gain new technology capabilities and achieve customer growth. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 further precipitated the digitalisation already taking place across virtually all industries, including remote working, smart supply chains, and IoT adoption, leading to more industries being targets for technology-focused M&A.

Within telecoms, the M&A trend acceleration is being driven by the industry’s need to enhance its capabilities to deal with new business models (think subscription-based software models and the burgeoning app economy), compete effectively against OTT providers of content and communications, and provide customers with new technologies, such as 5G and IoT, in a cost-effective way. Other factors  include increased spending on cybersecurity and data protection and a need for advanced data analytics. At the same time, beyond the consolidation push, many companies big and small are reviewing their organisations to divest themselves of non-core assets and refocus their attention into more profitable sectors.

As such, we believe the industry is entering a new consolidation phase and expect to see even more M&A activity in the near future, with companies looking to expand their services, markets and capabilities by acquiring:

  • Software-as-a-service innovators
  •  Digital disruptors (fintech, healthcare)
  •  Virtual operators (MVNOs)
  •  Access to new customer segments
  •  New platform capabilities (billing, OTA, lifestyle services support)
  •  New verticals, such as gaming and app-based food-delivery services


How can we help?

We provide commercial and technical M&A services owing to our specialist expertise, leveraging our extensive contact base and deep technology understanding. From executing a large of number of transactions over the world, we have a rich toolkit to complete deals rapidly and smoothly.

  • Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Valuation modelling
  • Development of “value boosters”
  • Information memorandums development
  • Balance scorecards creation
  • Negotiation and identifying investors
  • Exit option analysis
  • Market landscape analysis
  • Target company identification

Operations Management

Unlike traditional strategy consultants, we ensure great plans are not left on the shelf. We back our strategies up with actionable roadmaps and have the operational expertise necessary to implement them.

Unlike traditional strategy consultants, we ensure great plans are not left on the shelf. We back our strategies up with actionable roadmaps and have the operational expertise necessary to implement them.

We use rigorous project management tools to help accelerate launch of a product, portfolio or roadmaps. Thanks to our cumulative experience and highly commercial instinct, we are able to fast-track break even timescales, with optimal return on investment.

At the heart of any successful implementation lies stakeholder management. We are comfortable liaising at each level up to the board to ensure smooth delivery. Our toolkit includes recognised methodologies such as Agile, critical path analysis, Scrum and PRINCE2.