Mobile Innovators on Networks – MIONs

RDC presents a fresh look a the mobile landscape to change the way we view mobile service providers and the platforms that enable them. Consolidating the various service providers (mobile brands, sub-brands, MVNOs, Digital Service Providers and IoT players) under one category called ‘Mobile Innovators on Networks’ (MIONs) is a major step to a more efficient mobile market. The term MIONs captures service providers reliance on networks and highlights the role of platforms as the unsung heroes of our hyper-connected world.

Redefining Wholesale

Our vision for 2040 is a hyperconnected world, where VR, driverless cars and virtual assistants are mainstream. In this paper, we explore how a dedicated focus on wholesale connectivity supports this vision. Highlights: roles played by service, platform and infrastructure providers, forecast for MVNO and IoT connections by 2025 and 2040.

Sub-branding: Building the fast-track

In TMT, many service providers are seeing stagnating or crumbling numbers of subscribers. In this paper, we dive into the sub-brand strategies that operators have used and will be using to connect to new customer segments. Highlights: segmentation and sizing of the biggest sub-brand models, successful differentiation such as OTT content and customer care functionality.

Reinventing retention

How do we keep customers without an effective loyalty strategy? In this paper, we propose a new strategy model for boosting loyalty, starting from the common earn-and-burn model and extending the breadth of activity and offer. Highlights: the Loyalty Growth Quadrant explained through best-practice examples, a TMT example of Customer Lifetime Value increasing by 228%+ with our Evangelist loyalty model.

Who will win the digital identity race?

Open any newspaper or social media feed and the headlines will likely pose questions about data protection and privacy concerns. In this paper, we  seek to understand the components of digital identity and who could ultimately lead the way in consolidating such critical data. Highlights: inherent, assigned and accumulated components of digital identity; financial services, data-heavy applications and mobile telecommunications leading the shift in digital identity management.

Can Blockchain disrupt TMT?

In theory, blockchain ticks all the right boxes to become a foundation technology for transparent, secure, transactions across the world. In this paper, we provide a wide view of the blockchain market and then dive into examples of TMT blockchain propositions. Highlights: innovations such is enabling musicians to share work and receive royalties, reducing telco wholesale costs in dual roaming and fraud, certifying digital IDs to reduce security check costs.

13B at stake: are you in? The mobile payment opportunity for telcos

The mobile payments market will reach €231B by 2022 in Europe. Telcos will capture just 6% of that. In this series of 5 papers, we partnered with ACI Worldwide to find the most effective strategies for telcos to go beyond the 6% mobile payment opportunity. Highlights: telcos implementing commission-based digital marketplaces, friction-less customer experience innovations, mobile as payment hub.