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With companies in the TMT industry facing change at an exponential rate, traditional players and newcomers alike are under constant pressure to deliver new services and provide new technologies. We help our clients keep track of key trends to stay one step ahead of the competition, enter new markets successfully, stay compliant with regulatory changes and be at the forefront of new technologies. In short, we leverage our industry knowledge and superior research capabilities to provide our clients with actionable market intelligence to enable informed strategic decisions telecoms, media and technology (TMT).

We have a highly systematic and comprehensive approach to research, drawing on our extensive contact database of industry leaders for primary research and IP from a wealth of reports and projects, with our goal being to respond to our clients’ needs for every project with a customised and targeted approach. A key differentiator between us and other research providers is our hands-on experience in the industry, which means we understand the industry closely and know what metrics actually matter.

Our areas of expertise are not limited to traditional TMT players (e.g., telcos, fixed service providers or MVNOs), but extend to market disruptors and newcomers, including IoT players, satellite connectivity providers, software and hardware providers, and service deliver platforms (BSS/OSS).

We also have unparalleled MVNO and operator sub-brand knowledge, with an unrivalled database of KPIs specifics to these companies. We provide up to date metrics and insights on the entire MVNX ecosystem (MVNOs, MNOs, MVNEs, MVNAs) and any mobile innovator on networks (MIONs). You can learn about the number of MVNOs and sub-brands in specific countries or regions, what network they’re on, technologies used, subscriber numbers and more. This is used to great effect for M&A activity, new market entry, proposition development and negotiations.



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